Hypnotherapy to help you achieve your goals and be the best version of you. 

Clinical Hypnotherapy is completely natural and safe with no harmful side effects. Hypnosis is a very effective way to make positive lasting changes in your life. Hypnotherapy can be used to treat a number of issues making real improvements to your life.

To stop smoking, fear of flying, exam nerves, sleep problems, weight management, confidence issues, can be helped with Hypnosis. Read more.

Everyone will experience feelings of anxiety and worry at times during their life. For example, you may feel worried about a pending job interview, driving test, getting the results from medical tests, financial problems, doing a presentation for work or even positive happy events like going on holiday, getting married or having a baby.

Feelings of worry or anxiety are perfectly normal reactions to the daily pressures of life. However, for some people, these feelings of worry or anxiety can become intrusive in their lives, and may start to affect their sleep, relationships or performance at work, home or school. For some people, they start to drink excessive amounts of alcohol or regularly overeat for example, as a way of coping with their worries and fears. Hypnotherapy is a positive way to change your behaviour. Hypnosis is a technique and skill that you can start to incorporate into your everyday life.

Hypnotherapy for Addiction

How does hypnotherapy work for addiction? Hypnotherapy aims to get to the root of the addiction by inducing a state of heightened awareness in the individual. In this relaxed and open state, the person becomes more susceptible to suggestion, which the hypnotherapist maximise for the person to gain control over their addiction while providing the support and guidance required to alter the ingrained patterns of behaviour.

Phobias such as fear of spiders or flying, nail-biting, driving on motorways, heights, fear of being in confined spaces and common addictions such as smoking, excessive eating, alcohol or drug abuse, gambling, pornography, can be addressed and new patterns of behaviour are introduced.

Many health issues such as stress, headaches, IBS, chronic pain, sleep problems and many other complaints can be treated successfully. All ages can benefit from Hypnosis including children.

I have a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy from the Uk College of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy which is approved by the British Psychological Society.

If you like to discuss your circumstances or learn more about Hypnotherapy or arrange a free 20 minute consultation without obligation then please contact me on 07787 831 275or email me at patti.hemmings@hotmail.co.uk

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