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I first started seeing Patti in September 2014 after a few hard months at work. I had recently given up my career in management to return to my dream of becoming a primary school teacher. There was a lot of pressure in those intial few months and unfortunately the transition did not go as planned- I failed my first term of my 'new' career. I took this very hard and my confidence in my abilities dropped - this is when I was advised by a close friend to see Patti.

Patti started the sessions by getting to know me - talking about my strengths and those things that made me stressed. Just talking with someone with such a positive outlook on life was so refreshing and really helped me focus on what I could do rather than what I couldn't.

Through discussions with Patti about my sleep patterns and general well-being, I agreed to some acupuncture to assist my tiredness and stress. Initially I thought that acupuncture would be scary and uncomfortable, but I was reassured after just one session. The session was calm, peaceful and not only did I feel lighter, brighter and more relaxed, my sleep improved.

I saw Patti for a total number of 20 sessions and, session-by-session, my sleep became less distturbed, my confidence improved and I got back to feeling more like me again.

Patti was incredibly flexible and was able to schedule appointments around my NQT appraisals. She took the time to text me beforehand and really cared about my stress levels and mental health.

Without Patti, I don't know how I would have got through those really incredibly dark and challenging months. I owe her a lot!

Rachel, Harrogate March 2015

I have been having treatments with Patti Hemmings for a number of years now. She has a very kind and gentle approach and instantly makes you feel at ease. I have had acupuncture, reflexology and massage with Patti and you always leave like you feel you are floating on air. I can't recommend her highly enough and with a busy working life she is an absolute must for regular treatments.

Suzanne Webster, February 2015

Had excellent results in my 3 daughters have ceased smoking.

Barbara, Leeds March 2015

Thought I texted you to let you know, that the flight to L.A went brilliantly and it's safe to say, I'm cured of my flying fears.Thank you very much for your help, very happy that flying isn't a burden anymore.

Claudia, Harrogate, December 2014

Thank you so much Patti. Coming to see you for Hypnotherapy has helped me pass my tenth driving test. I am so happy. I can now apply for that Social Worker position that I had trained for at university but couldn't apply for without a valid driving license.

Tina, Bradford, February 2014

After completely exhausting conventional medical methods including having numerous tests, I decided to brave Acupuncture(I don't like needles). For several years I had been struggling with hormonal issues and my periods had inexplicably stopped. After a few Acupuncture treatments with Patti I am now back to a regular monthly cycle.

I have also been suffering from IBS for many years which has greatly affected my life.I had begun to restrict my life and where I could travel to and really dreaded travelling for my work or pleasure. Despite numerous non-conclusive tests I suspected that the problem was more psychological and I can honestly say Patti has transformed my life.

The Acupuncture and slight change to my diet has made the most unbelievable difference.

I would have no hestiation whatsoever in recommending Patti who has exceptional people skills and is a miracle worker. I have in fact recommended Patti to numerous friends and contacts.

Katie, Harrogate, November 2012

Fantastic holistic experience. Patti is professional, caring and very knowledgeable, she provides an experience that benefits from her excellent people skills combined with her extensive expertise. I feel so much better after only one visit and plan to make regular visits.

Olga, Harrogate, August 2013

The massage was superb, will be back for a repeat treatment. Patti is very professional and easy to talk to

Bob, Harrogate, October 2013

Always good!

Mark, Harrogate, January 2014

Really enjoyed the treatment, not at all rushed.

Rosalyn, York, May 2013

An really enjoyable and relaxing experience. Thank you very much- my back felt so much better following the Reflexology treatment.

David, Knaresborough, April 2014

Patti is an absolutely fabulous therapist who seems to know intuitively what the best treatment is for her clients.

Alice, Harrogate, October 2013

Patti's plethora of experience means she was able to offer advice and information on a whole range of alternative therapies, as well as the treatment I enjoyed receiving reflexology, back, neck and shoulder massage.

Barbara, Harrogate, October 2013

I just love going to Patti's, she is really good.

Sarah, Harrogate October 2013

I just wanted to say thank you for the time you have spent with me towards the lead up to my travels. Since my sessions with you I have begun to feel a lot better within myself and have noticed big changes with my headaches and stress. Enjoy the rest of the summer, and I look forward to seeing you when I am back to continue with further sessions with you.

Alicia, Harrogate July 2013.

Lovely deep massage, also had acupuncture and Hypnotherapy.

Sue, Harrogate October 2013.

Very nice relaxing treatment, lovely lady, have booked my next Reflexology treatment.

Dianne, Harrogate, April 2014

Lovely person, great treatment, really enjoyed it.

Lindsey, Wetherby, April 2014

Wonderful relaxing experience, would certainly go back.

Irene, Harrogate, November 2013.

Welcoming, calm and a very warm person, who knows her job.

Jenny, Harrogate, June 2013.

Patti was very helpful, informative and friendly and she clearly cares about her clients. I found my Reflexology session most relaxing as Patti quickly put me at ease and answered my questions about the variety of treatments she has available.

Elaine, Harrogate, November 2013.

Massage was superb. Will be back for a repeat treatment. Patti is very professional and easy to talk to.

Jason, Harrogate, October 2013.

A very relaxing and also invigorating massage.

John, Knaresborough, October 2013.

Excellent treatment really enjoyed it, a real top to toe experience.

Elaine, Harrogate, September 2013.

Patti is a lovely lady. The massage and Reflexology were second to none. I have become a regular client of Patti's already. A great find.

Helen, Harrogate, February 2013.

Patti is so professional and thorough. I felt wonderful after the massage and weigh less!

Marilyn, Harrogate, June 2013.

I first met Patti nearly two years ago for Reflexology. Following a thorough chat discussing my health issues and history, Patti recommended acupuncture. I was diagnosed with Asthma when I was 20 years old (I am now 36) and for the five years prior to visiting Patti I had numerous chest infections including pneumonia. I was prescibed salbutamol and seretide inhalers, as well as montelelukast. I felt poorly regularly, at times being so out of breathe that I was unable to do simple tasks. I was open to any suggestions, including my first experience of acupuncture.

I started the acupuncture sessions soon after my first visit, every other week initially, now every month.Yes at times the initial insertion of the needles is a little achy/painful (the needles are very small) but that sensation normally settles down quickly.The effects of the acupuncture were incredible. After two sessions, I could breathe so much easier, no tightness or wheeziness I had even stopped all my medications. Now nearly two years down the line (including two winters), I have not had any chest infections at all. My general health has improved enormously. I take my salbutamol inhaler maybe once a month or so when I feel wheezy (usually cold weather related). I have maintained my asthma checks with my G.P.but are not needed now.

I cannot recommend acupuncture especially with Patti Hemmings, highly enough. Patti is an extremely knowledgeable, understanding, expert who is a joy to spend time with while having the acupuncture sessions.

Charis Senior, Harrogate, March 2015

I came to see Patti for a Aromatherapy relaxing massage and I happened to mention that I was experiencing constant headaches. Patti explained that she thought Acupuncture would help relieve the headaches. Although, I was intially apprenhensive about having Acupuncture, Patti inspired me and the pain from the headaches was draining and making me feel quite unwell.

I have had in total 4 Acupuncture treatments and now feel really well, the headaches have completely gone. I sleep better, my bowels work properly and I have a lot more energy that before. I would highly recommend Patti. She has helped me so much and I actually looked forward to coming to see Patti as she is such a caring & inspirational therapist.


Sam, Harrogate July 2013.

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